Adorable photos. Tiny Ferret And German Shepherd Have The Most Unlikely Of Friendships


A German shepherd called Nova and a ferret named Pacco have formed a beautiful, if unexpected, bond.

The two furballs are adopted siblings and despite their physical differences, they are the best of friends.

Ferrets are highly intelligent animals and they can be quite playful and wily. They’re also very affectionate and crave attention.

Luckily for Pacco, he’s getting heaps of care and affection from Nova. She’s a very loving dog and she’s incredibly patient with him even when he gets a little too mischievous.

It is always important to be careful when attempting to keep a ferret and a dog together, as a ferret can trigger the dog’s natural instinct to hunt.

However, both Pacco and Nova were already used to living with other animals when they first met and became the best of friends after just a few days.

Now, Pacco and Nova are pretty much inseparable. They love to play together, go exploring together and often curl up for a nap together.

They’re taking on the world as a team and it’s adorable to watch.

They share an Instagram account under the handle nova_n_pacco where their mom posts beautiful pictures of their heartwarming friendship.

Below, we’ve collected 15 pictures of the cuddly pair that are sure to brighten your day.







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