Adorable Video Of Baby Flamingo Learning To Stand On One Leg


Flamingos are best known for two things, first, that they are pink, of course, and second, that they can perfectly balance on one little leg.

However, flamingos aren’t born this way. To get the famous pink color, They need to consume specific foods like shrimp and algae that are rich in beta carotene, which is a pigment.

Also, learning to stand on one leg takes practice, just like many other skills that babies of all types must acquire.

Check out the sweet video of a young flamingo that is attempting to balance itself on one leg while her mother is watching.

The flamingo chick in the video is seen extending out her left leg behind her as she stands next to her mother’s bright pink twiggy leg as if getting ready to do that trademark flamingo motion.

Several times, the chick is able to pull up its small leg and conceal it beneath her fluffy feathers for a bit before putting it back down.

The young chick has to understand how crucial this move is, as standing on one leg is the preferred sleeping position for flamingos.

Nobody knew why they did this for a long time, and It was only recently when a study was released that says flamingos may actually expend less energy when standing on one leg.

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