How a boy decided to travel with his cat

This boy has  sold all he had and decided to traveling with his cat. Rich has his own blog which he stared a few years ago. In his blog, he shares with his subscribers his story,emotions,experiences and how he travels with his cat whose  name is Willow.

A few years ago, Rich sold everything he had and bought his own van. Nowdays they are traveling with the cat everywhere they want. The ordinary couple could live in  different states in Australia. A lot of people find this boy an ordinary person as he decided to travel with his  cat .He made his cat  a travel partner. Rich does not agree with this opinion. He loves his cute girlfriend very much, and she travels very slowly and calmly.

As the kitty wears a special collar with an electronic sensor, it can’t be lost anywhere in the wild nature. Rich does not close the cat in the van during stops, she knows that she should not ran away  from the car. Rich doesn’t plan anything for the future. He thinks that it is essential to live for today. Now their traveling is the best. Rich just enjoys everything that is going on.

Nowdays  the travelers are heading for home. However, they aren’t staying there for a long.

Rich and his cat are in social networks so one can follow them.He is very active in  his website and Instagram account, which many people subscribe to.

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