All about a giant and soft panda

Pandas are beloved animals all over the world. They are considered to be the natives of southwest China. They are unique for their white and black coloring.

The ears, shoulders, eyes, legs and muzzle of pandas are black and the rest of the body is white. They feel warm because of their thick hair in cold,wet weather in mountains.

Pandas weigh 100-115 kg. Pandas average between 60-100cm. They are tall at the shoulder 1-2 m.long. Male pandas are larger than female pandas.

The wrist bone of pandas have a role of a thumb and this helps the pandas hold bamboo at the time they try to eat on it with strong teeth. The whole diet of pandas is bamboo.

Bamboo has low nutritional value. Pandas eat 10-12 kg every day. Pandas also eat eggs, fish and other flora. Bamboos also need fresh water every day. Pandas don’t roar as other types of bears.

Pandas are considered to be at the edge of extinction by the IUCN Red List. People can help pandas by adopting and donating by the means of World Wildlife Fund.

Nowdays almost 2060 pandas live in the southwest mountains of China. Nowdays the Chinese government works to protect and restore bamboo natives and this has positive results.

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